Automation, Design and Fabrication

Design and fabrication of custom and turnkey equipment providing Innovative solutions to difficult problems:

  • In-process, inline Inspection, Measuring, or Testing
  • Automation of Assembly or Manufacturing processes
  • Special Tooling
Film Strip Inspection

Film strips are inspected for voids down to 10 microns in the coating, using an 8k line scan camera and a high intensity strip backlight.

A servo-driven carriage with a specially designed part holder moved the strip past the camera.

A custom operator interface was developed and the stored test results were imported by the customers data network.

Nozzle Inspection

Tiny spray nozzles are automatically inspected for defects in the nozzle orifice.

Each feeder bowl can be selected, depending on the part to be run.

Parts feed into the vertical index wheel, where they are inspected and rejects are removed before good parts are released from the part nests.

A custom user interface distills complex inspection tools into easily-tuned inspection parameters

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Force Testing

This machine module tests the bond integrity of cap liners at 120 ppm, and was designed into an existing manufacturing line.

The single line conveyor brings parts into and out of the Test Module.

A high-precision pneumatic pressure regulator and frictionless cylinders provide accurate testing.

Parts are individually sorted and rejects are pulled from the dial before the parts are stripped from the dial as they exit to the conveyor.

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Tray Inspection

Medical trays are inspected for correct placement of components and other attributes, using a color line-scan camera.

Images of up to 12” x 30” are created as the part is conveyed under the camera.

A powerful custom user interface allowed arrays of very sophisticated inspection tools to be integrated into easy-to understand feature detectors.

Templates were developed to allow users with little vision system knowledge to easily create inspections for new trays

Assembly Machine

Two parts are assembled at 60 ppm in a smooth, continuous motion.

Bowl feeders supply parts to the infeed conveyors.

Specially developed pressing “cars” revolve on a heavy-duty zero-stop indexer.

The resultant part height of the assembly is measured as the parts pass around the dial.

Rejected parts cause the dial to stop where they are swept out.

Good parts continue where they are stripped from the dial to a conveyor.

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Cap Inspection

Inspection of bottle cap liners for defects. The system inspects and sorts caps traveling on a conveyor.

Rejects are ejected and good parts pass through.

The system featured a small inspection chamber mounted on the customer-supplied process conveyor, and had a separate stand for the electronics.

Highly customized user interface and software allows technicians to easily adjust complex inspection test parameters.

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Spin Tester

Machine for accelerometer testing.

Provided a test platform for mounting and spinning electronic components.

Hand-loaded and automatically cycled through the test while interfacing with the customer’s analysis equipment housed within the mobile machine.

The system featured a custom-designed EMI/RFI shielded enclosure and unique part holding tooling.

Test & Inspection Machine

Automatically tests the operating forces of a steering column.

Four servo drives function the column, while load cells monitor forces. Two vision systems inspect selected part locations, and a programmable impact marker date-marks the column at the end of the test.

PLC-based control with touch-screen user interface, providing access to all set up parameters and diagnostic information.

Pin Pallet Loader

Loaded 1.5 mm dia. carbide pins upright into 4 trays (pallets) of 500 each, with a 1.5 second cycle time

The pins were fed from a bowl feeder.

A vision system inspected and then oriented each pin chamfered end-up.

This machine is the 2nd generation of the original which has run around-the-clock continuously for over 6 years.

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Special Tooling

Special tool developed to “iron” insulating fabric to conform to a cylindrical form and flange.

This was a pair of hand tools purpose-built to fill a unique need.

Each had a temperature controller, a heating element, thermocouple, and power supply all built into a compact 5 lb. package.


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