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Micro-Vu KnowledgeBase Registration

This Knowledge Base is a collection of “how to”, and applications examples on all Micro-Vu products. Its primary purpose is a source of information for registered Micro-Vu users.

You are asked to register to access this “pool” of information.

To register you must fill out the registration area below and submit the form for acceptance by the site administer (HJM Precision, Inc. Service Manager)

The registration requires your Name, Company Name, Micro-Vu system name
(V-series, Spectra, H-14, xxxHP, Qubix, Quantum, Vector, Vertex, Excel, SOL, etc.) readout (Q16 DRO or InSpec software), system serial number and software version (where applicable), and your email address.

Information submitted is verified for acceptance to the Knowledge Base, you will receive an acceptance or denial email.

If you have any questions or have an item you would like to post, you can contact the site administer (HJM Precision, Inc. Service Manager) via the Knowledge Base “Contact Us”

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