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Table Top Meter/Mix Dispenser


Model TT500-I/M ... Industrial/Medical Grade


Standard model offered complete with the following:

(1) 5" Pneumatic drive cylinder

(1) Foot valve

(1) Stainless steel hand gun

(1) 24 Element stainless steel static mixer

(1) Injection pressure regulator

(1) Thermoplastic output hose

(1) Shot size control assembly

(2) Metering cylinders

(2) Pressurized (20 oz. Semco) dispensing cartridges

(2) Feed pressure regulators

(2) Flow control valves




This pump is designed to meter 2-part materials ranging from 50,000 cps to 10 million cps at a fixed ratio of 1:1.

It will dispense 2 components for a combined output of up to a 25 cc shot size. Shot size is adjustable from 0 to 25 cc's.

This pump is capable of output pressures ranging from 0 up to 3500 psi.






* Complete spare seal kit

* 2-Component handgun w/disposable static mixers(1)

* Additional 20 oz. Semco HDPE plastic dispensing cartridge

* Sampling ports & pressure monitoring assembly

* Crate

(1)This can be substituted for the single component handgun and static mixer included with the standard system.

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